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  • 19.04.2021
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Ramona flour

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Arasho | 21.04.2021
Hola kieres hablar?
Takus | 22.04.2021
It’s a field problem, not a problem with one researcher, study, or publication. If you care to be charitable, psychology lost track of how complex, dynamic, and multivariate human behavior is. If you don’t, they never fully grasped that to begin with. Far too much universalizing, and far too strong a belief in their discipline’s ability to predict aspects of behavior and personality that cannot necessarily be predicted with any degree of reliability.
Gardazshura | 25.04.2021
Faz totalmente meu estilo! Muito Gostoso!
Akir | 26.04.2021
I kept getting told they were gross and smelly, that they looked weird. No one would sit by me. It continued. I lived in a small town and even my grandparents were racists. My grandfather once said, "Chinese, Japanese.. You're all the same aren't you? You all eat with chopsticks." They never once invited my brother and I to eat dessert with them, even if they were eating a pie that grandmother baked and just sliced into. If we wanted a treat, it was best if it was late summer because there was a huge blueberry bush there as well as blackberries. I don't ever remember getting any affection. But that is okay, I have a handful of memories stored from my Japanese grandmother until we left when I was 6. It's enough :)
Samugor | 27.04.2021
Very fuckin sexy

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